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The Slow Family Project

One family's journey to slow down.

The Grind

Is this you?: Wake, 5am. Well, not you. Your toddlers. Your heart races. You haven’t packed their lunch, the laundry from the night before is still sitting in the wash bin, probably collecting mildew by now. Your work clothes are sitting in a pile, un-ironed in the laundry room. You yourself don’t have a lunch packed for work. There isn’t gas in the car. It’s 7am. You’ve managed to take a sip. A sip. Of cold coffee. You turn on Sesame Street, make some cereal for the little one, hop in the shower and attempt to make yourself look half decent for work, while the clothes iron warms. Iron. Dress the children. Pack the lunch. Collect the days necessities and you are off. Drop off child. Traffic for an hour. Blackberry buzzing. Ringing. Buzzing. Ringing.

It’s been 4 hours since you woke to this day and you are done.

Despite this, you go full steam ahead into this day.

How did we get here?

The reality is, in today’s economy we must work. And now, not only do we just need to work, we must out-do ourselves to keep our work, there’s competition now. We must work, to survive. Not live. Survive.¬† And most of the time, life as we know it, has passed us by, in the blink of an eye.

We are over-consuming. We are marching like soldiers to the beat of technology. In peer groups, we find ourselves constantly trying to measure up and in some cases, one-up each other. We are over-researched, sometimes over-calculated. We are hovering over our children like they are porcelain ornaments. We are tired. Some are ashamedly depressed. We are hiding underneath the veil of what seems to be a perfect life: a big house, a couple cars. A big mortgage. A lot of debt. But for what?

The Crash

So last year trying to keep up, in a mountain of debt, marching along (actually light-speed sprint in a hamster wheel), we found ourselves, as a six figure dual-income home, in the midst of a world financial crisis, unable to turn on the heat. Shocking, you think? For us, this was the tipping point. I’m surprised we made it through without a) a divorce, b) a critical illness or heart attack or c) a foreclosure. But we made it. We made it as a team; as a family.

And so this is why.

I am here today. To pause the treadmill mid-run. To change my family life.

Here is our journey, like an open book.

Join me!

How do you find ways to slow down with your family?

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