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The Slow Family Project

One family's journey to slow down.

Magical Earth Hour

There was something very exciting to our family about the annual “Earth Hour”, which comes only once a year in most households. Last year, during Earth Hour, we decided to have our own Earth Hour more often. Since then, we have done this all but once, since that day. Gotta love how plans get away with you!

There is something very special about living by candle light. The eyes mellow, the smell of the wax…somehow all the mess and clutter vanish under this beautiful orange glow. It’s quiet. It allows you to reconnect with whatever is at hand in a different way. That is magical.

Making time for this

If you live in a madly hectic weekend schedule like we do (and are actively trying to get out of) try to schedule in an evening, once every couple of weekends. A family date night, by candle light. Plan activities like…


Shadow puppets: Prepare a list ahead of time of different types of animals to try

Tent building: Lots of sheets and laundry clips

Grab some books from the library that you’ve never read with the kids before

Build a play dough birthday cake (add candles of course!)

If you play an instrument…get it out and play! Set the venue up like a Dinner Theater with table side candles and all.

…you can pretty well do anything without electricity or conventional lighting…the sky is the limit!

It will help you slow down and connect. Really connect.

How do you spend your Earth Hour?

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