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The Slow Family Project

One family's journey to slow down.

Yesterday, I quit my job.

Before you go on thinking, what the? Why? How? I should explain how we got to this day.

A little over a year ago, around the time we couldn’t turn on the heat – when the markets crashed and we were left shifting life as we knew it, we decided right then and there that we needed to make some significant, life changing decisions over the course of about a years time. 1) Sell off the additional assets. We owned another property which we were renting and found this to be one of hugest stressors in our life. We sold it rock bottom. Off-loaded it. 2) Decide on the kind of community and city we wanted to live in that would support us, our family and our desired lifestyle. 3) Start working towards that vision in: Setting up contacts for employment, preparing our home for sale and trying to save and plan financially to make the transition.

Since the condo sold last December, our next task was to finish the renovations on our home so we could sell. In the meantime, my husband was able to stay connected with potential employers in the area we decided we wanted to live in and about 6 months later, here we are.

It hasn’t been instantaneous as you can see. This has been a plan in the works for some time. But what I realize now is that this plan, this vision, is part of a larger movement for us, not only to shift the “stuff” – the “material” things we have control over, but to also to let go of these roadblocks to allow for a natural shift in mentality, and consequently, physical and emotional change.

I have been “employed” for the last 18 years of my life. Working, non stop, sometimes while completing my University Degree and supporting my husband. It is now finally my turn to make a complete 360* turn. I will eventually find other work, I know that. There is no getting around that we must somehow make ends meet. But at the very minimum, I have provided myself a window to discover who I am, what I want and ask the universe (I know that sounds a bit cheezy, but really) to provide me with whatever it is that fits with my vision to live a slower, more present, happy and leisurely life.

Here we go!

How did you, or how are you, planning your exit strategy? What challenges did you find in making huge changes to your financial position in pursuing a more relaxed lifestyle?


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