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Last night I found myself on the Ministry of Education (here in Canada) website looking at the Curriculum for my daughter from Kindergarten to Grade 9. It has me thinking. Really thinking. Thinking about the types of things she will learn. Thinking about the classroom setting in which she will learn some of these values, life lessons.

Alright, I will come out and say it. I’m a bit afraid.

Most of the curriculum seems to make sense. Basic life lessons, how to act appropriately, basic letter and number skills – the foundation. And that is not what is concerning me.

What concerns me is that they have a whole section dedicated to “Career Development” and it is described as such in the Table of Contents itself!

So I was curious to read into the other Grades curriculum. Honestly, I was shocked to find that every single Grade has this integrated into the plan in some way. By Grade 5, the students are measured based on their determination of what they want to do when they grow up! And their “success” being “measured” on their ability to set solid “goals” and “achieve” these goals. Sorry, but Grade 5? Are you kidding me? Obviously not.

Sorry, forgive me here, but what happened to Childhood? Why are we putting this on our children so young, to think about “Career”. I didn’t even know what the word “Career” meant until I was at least in Grade 10. And even then, I had no idea! I still have no idea what I want to do when I grow up! (Kind of) (LOL)

This achievement, success by goal setting/attaining goals culture is frightening me.I’m sure there has got to be a way to balance this. May be I home-school for a period of time, while integrating her into other programs to get out and socialize and play? May be we just let go of this concern?

Do you home-school? How do you integrate the children into the school system at a certain age? Is this possible?


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