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The Slow Family Project

One family's journey to slow down.

How many times did you check your Facebook today?

If you are the typical user, you’ve checked your Facebook 27 times this past hour.

Can you believe this?

Recently, after returning from a family trip to Las Vegas (Father in Law purchased for us for Christmas), I received an email from my Sister in Law titled “???”. I opened the email to find her asking if I’d taken her off my “Friends” list and what was going on?

Is it really this bad? That if someone would like to take a sabbatical from Facebook (like, ah, me) in pursuit of their dream to be less cluttered and time drained on digital social networking sites, that this means you are not friends? I guess to be fair, one might wonder why one day you are friends and then the next you can’t access their pages. I get it. But I guess so this is life now for us all. That we have become so accustomed to this social networking tool, that it has become a way of life, a way to think of one another. To relate.

I took about a 3 week hiatus from all things Facebook. I de-activated my account and didn’t look back.

Recently things have slowed down (quitting my job was one BIG HUGE relief here) and I found myself last week perusing the wall again. But this time I found I was looking in with a fresher perspective. For some reason I was less interested and it seemed far less trivial to me. I’m not sure for how much longer I will stay “activated”. I have learned that in fact, I don’t really get much out of it anyway.

Will I stay or will I go? I think I will go soon enough.

Cable is off as of tomorrow. This will be another B-I-G Media change for our family. I know this will be a good thing. I can’t wait.

Life is starting to feel much, much lighter these days 🙂


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