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The Slow Family Project

One family's journey to slow down.

It looks like its been about a week since I last wrote. At that time, it looks like I was in a bit of a tiff about something I completely forget now. Don’t you love it how time heals all the small stuff?

We’ve just returned from a Family gathering in Seattle. My Brother Graduated with his Doctorate in Naturopathy from Bastyr. An accomplishment 8 years in the making.

Since embarking on this chapter of my life “Chapter Slow”, I really have actually felt a shift in my sensory awareness. Today, as I left the Train as it docked at the Station, the smell of the Pulp Mill in the summer breeze with a slight hint of smoke-filled the air. It just really made me feel relaxed for some reason. So I just took deep breaths and took it all in. Something so everyday, turned extraordinary. So simple. But it calmed me down.

I`ve been tracking a bunch of new writers and really enjoying reading about other families living totally different lifestyles than I could ever imagine. I didn`t have any expectations for myself. I just decided one day that was it. And I threw in the towel and surrendered to needing stuff, money, business. But I am finding myself reading about other Moms who are Homeschooling, bookmarking the blogs with ideas of what to do at home (now that we have NO TV!) and taking stock of all the things that I WILL NOW HAVE TIME TO DO with my kid!


Week 1 of No TV Update:

We cut the cable a week ago. Its been AMAZING. Instead of the cluttered noise in the background, I write. We sit on the couch and connect, we talk! Yes, we have conversation! I know, its sad, you`d think this was normal, but it really is amazing when you start to talk and converse more and you realize how little you did.

No more breakfast with TV. The little one is slowly asking for less of her recorded programs. I can tell she does not miss it. We`ve done a lot more in the last week than we have in the last month without it and its awesome.

Random post today. Journal style.


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