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The Slow Family Project

One family's journey to slow down.

The Weather here in Vancouver is finally getting dryer and warmer. One of the things I’ve been procrastinating on big time, is hanging a clothes line.

Last weekend I hung my clothes along the gutters. Sad, but true. I wanted to time it out – I couldn’t remember how long it took for clothes to dry outside. I was amazed at how fast they dried and the smell was nostalgic. There’s something about the smell of line dried clothing. My Mom used to line dry our clothes and they always stayed fresh for so long. There must be something in the air…

Why am I doing this all of a sudden?

Save Money

Save Energy

Lessen the need for Chemicals

Preserving the Quality of the Clothing

Using the natural Lightening capabilities of the Sun

The Meditation of Hanging them and Taking them off

Do you line dry or use the dryer? If you line dry, any tips?


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