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On to something more positive now…ah. Got that out!

I’ve been stumbling across a crap load of fantastic blogs recently. Most of them geared towards Family Life, Ideas, Other Blogs that relate to this journey…

Since I can’t figure out how to post them along the side I will post here for now.

Early Bird Homeschool

Even if you aren’t Homeschooling, there are some great ideas for things to do with your kids. Really neat ideas to spend slow time together!

The Grass Stain Guru

Nature activities. Make your outdoor excursions fun again.

Free Range Kids

Absolutely, top of the list. Great author, great concept.

Lets Explore

Simple ways to create, discover and play.

Simple Kids

Just plain simple. Kids.

Simple Mom

Simple. For Mom.

Slow Family Living

And we all know of Bernadette Noll.

More to come!


Greetings! I hope I have some new followers and I am reaching you on a wonderful Friday afternoon in most parts of the world! At least, it is Friday in my zone. Hooray! So I wanted to use this opportunity to kick-off what I will be doing every other week, “The Weekend Slow-Plan”!

What has happened to the “Weekend” as we knew it?

I found this little beautiful comic online and I think it speaks to us in terms of our weekends in the fast lane: Mostly filled with tasks, time-lines, goals, errands, work that we never completed the week before, scheduled meetings with others…the list goes on and on! Enough already! Why was there Saturday and Sunday in the first place? Let’s not forget.

This weeks recipe for a Slow Weekend

This weekend, here are 3 rules to live by (more next week!)

1) Sleep-in. Or if this is practically impossible because you have kids that wake before the sun comes up (99% of us), then change your mindset around the wake-up routine for just these two days. How about incorporating elements of the regular routine with new discoveries (if with young children). Like allowing them to eat breakfast in bed (with you or without you) so you can squeeze in that extra “connected” time with extra cuddles and stay warm under the blanket together.

2) Plan all your weekly prep for a dedicated time slot and allow yourself. Allow just two hours to get it all done.

3) Plan to somehow have a nap. Allow yourself. May be Mom does this this weekend, while Dad covers, and Dad does gets his turn next weekend, while Mom covers.

What tips can you share about planning a less stressful weekly prep routine on the weekend?